Castle Magic studio

Castle Magic Studio makes paper craftworks and  handmade books.

It was named after our paper craftworks shaped like a castle. It was started by Fuku Ikeda in 2012. 


We are based in Nara, Japan. Nara has a lot of nature and  here the people, especially farmers still have traditional life styles. Our handmade books are inspired by farming life, beautiful scenery and small creatures in a small village. We hope that you'll find the life styles with nature of Japanese people in our ' Small Birds Books' . 



SPRING WINDOW MAGIC, Handmade book, Small Birds Book  

from RICE FIELD VOYAGE, Handmade book

Small Birds Book 

Since 2015 we 've also been trying abstract expression by paper craftworks as Art & Design handmade books. Art & Design handmade books will show you a wonderland of  light and shadow, colors, and shapes. Music,
especially rhythm always inspires us. The theme is "Rhythm in Peace and Peace in Rhythm". We intend to fill the pages with peace, or a state of being calm and quiet.
(Fuku Ikeda also makes paper artworks and graphic artworks. Refer to the book "STRUCTURE OF RHYTHM".) 


Our books are all picture books that have no words. So we would like different countries'  people to enjoy them. 

 The information about our exhibition and sale is available on this web site.



Art &Design handmade book

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